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Bee Progressive LLC was founded in 2014 by Brian and Todd to provide high quality alternative bee hives and accessories for the back yard beekeeper. We are committed to natural, ”treatment –free”,  beekeeping practices. Our hives are manufactured in Northern California by a custom cabinet maker to precise specifications using high quality materials and designed to optimize honey bee health and sustainability.
Our Bee Progressive apparel line was created to showcase our passion for all things Bee related and to raise awareness of the beauty and importance of our beloved pollinators.
About Brian:
Brian majored in Economics at the University of California, Davis. Brian is a distinguished music and video producer and has held executive level positions in Fortune 50 consumer and entertainment companies. Brian is a fourth generation beekeeper.
About Todd:   
Todd majored in Economics and Finance at the University of California, Los Angeles. Over the last 30 years, Todd has held various executive level positions at Fortune 100 technology companies in Silicon Valley.  
Todd and Brian became interested in bees after learning about the global threats and challenges facing our most important pollinators.
They became convinced that they could focus their combined skill sets and experience toward improving the situation by providing alternative solutions for the backyard beekeeper, which place honey bee health as the highest priority.

Todd and Brian share the same pastime: anything and everything to do with bees and pollinators, especially sharing their vision, knowledge and hope for a brighter future with others of all ages.

Bee Progressive’s mission statement:  “Improving honey bee health and habitat, one hive at a time.”